Our assortment of unique, prominent and luxurious fabrics has made us the preferred choice for years. We offer a unique collection of Indian and imported fashion fabrics that can be used for designing western, ethnic wear or creating beautiful home furnishings. Every fabric in our store is chosen for its impeccable quality and characteristics that make it stunning for any outfit you wish to create!

Founded in the year 1991 by Mr Madanlal D Kothari, Labh Fashions started out as a small store situated at the Jumma Masjid Road. Initially dealing only in Silk fabrics, the brand has come a long way since, under the tutelage of. Mr Madanlal Kothari and grown into multiple folds.

Labh Fashions, today, is a family-owned business run by Kalpesh & Paresh Kothari. The store has now forayed into importing and dealing with a wide variety of fabrics in association with many prominent players in the industry.

Launched out of our reputable brick and mortar store located in the heart of the Bangalore city, we offer a curated selection of quality-rich couture, luxury fashion fabrics for every occasion for both men and women. With new fabrics arriving all the time, be sure to stay with us for the latest updates.



Called as the Queen of fabrics, silk is known for its luxurious softness and lustrous beauty. Silk, one of the oldest fabrics known to civilization, has a history which is both, illustrious and enchanting. As the legend goes, it was discovered by Empress Hsi Ling Shi, wife of Emperor Huan Ti in China. One day as she sat beneath a mulberry tree, sipping her tea, a cocoon fell into the cup and began to unravel. Enamoured by its shimmery threads, the Empress discovered its source, set up sericulture to cultivate the silkworms and invented the reel and loom. Whether or not this legend holds the truth but early references of the discovery of this fabric and its production dates back to ancient China.


Browse through our collection of imported fabrics both in plain and designer variants. We bring the very best in trends, quality, style and choices for those special occasions and events that are important to you. Walk into our store or order online from the collection displayed to design/create new looks and trending style with the best fabrics we have for you.


Can rightly be called as “painting with needle and thread”, embroidery is time-honoured artistry. The charm of this artwork has enchanted people from ages and this fabric has been gracing various events and occasions till date. Loved by all, this type of decorative stitching method, with its varied stitches, can be worked independent from the fabrics, allowing you to embroider any design, realistic or abstract onto any fabric.


Printing on fabrics or textiles with materials from natural and man-made fibres has been around since the 3rd century B.C. Artistic designs or motifs in a variety of patterns and colours using wooden blocks are very much prevalent even today. There are two classifications when it comes to primary techniques of printing on textile fabrics - colouring and patterning. In colouring, the colour is directly applied to the fabric whereas in patterning, artists paint on the fabric with resist techniques using patterns before dyeing the fabric.


Woven with a raised style of cotton yarns, Jacquard has a special characteristic of being very durable and easy on the wearer. This fabric is woven on a Jacquard loom, makes it more resilient in nature and suitable for designing jackets, suits, palazzos, sarees and more. Whereas brocade, derived from the brocatto - Italian for embossed cloth, describes the aesthetic of fabric rather than a specific weave. The brocade fabrics have an embroidered surface effect with different ground and pattern weaves.


“The collections are absolutely gorgeous! What we liked best was the way we were guided about the fabrics we were looking for since we weren't apt with shopping for fabrics before. The polite and courteous people at Labh Fashions gets a super 5 star ratings as well!”

“My orders came in perfect, exactly what I asked for. I had ordered a set of satin and cotton printed fabrics which were beautiful”

“On-time delivery and the package was just right. Lovely prints and styles. So many choices.”


Bringing home finest fabrics while preserving the rich heritage and culture, Labh Fashion aims to offer its clients the very best in service, selection and quality of products. Backed with years of expertise and finesse, we are a family-owned and managed company with a vision and mission to be the prime source of exquisite and sophisticated fabrics.

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